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Hello Everyone! I hope 2012 is off to a good start for you.


I had a great end and beginning to the New Year. It started just before the holidays with a trip to beautiful Cabo San Lucas at the invitation of Mariano Lemus, an incredible photographer and the director and producer of “The Most Important Faces in Cabo.” I was joined by Michel Jourdain Jr. and Mario Dominguez and some other great personal friends and we spent six days doing a variety of activities from visits with the children at Casa Hogar and Red Autismo to media interviews, an autograph session at Club Sporti-K and, of course, some fun in the sun. I have to thank Mariano for organizing such a memorable week and also to congratulate him on the second anniversary of his event. Here’s to many more, my friend.


I left Mexico and went to Phoenix for the holidays. My sole focus was spending time with my family and, as you could probably tell from my lack of posts on Facebook and Twitter, I enjoyed every minute. The holidays are the one time when I truly take off from working. We had a fantastic time and I always cherish every second with my kids.


Now it is time to focus on the new year and I am very excited. An announcement on our 2012 race schedule and program will be coming soon. I will be returning with Aston Martin Racing and I can tell you that you will see a lot more of us this year. I have been training hard and I can’t wait for the racing season to start.


I have also been very busy with a major move, relocating from Switzerland to Miami, Florida. I have lived in Miami before, and it is nice to be back with the great friends I have here. As you can imagine, there are so many details involved with a move like this. Everything is going well so far, but this has really taken up most of my time lately.


We are working on new updates to this website over the next few weeks, and we will have much more content this year as well as some new features like “Fan Finds” where we will post the photos you send to me on Twitter and Facebook and “Up Next” features with more news and details around my racing program and activities.


I look forward to sharing our 2012 program news with you soon.


Thank you for your support,







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