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Adrian's Blog - Dallas Visit

I was in Dallas recently for a four-day appearance with

Lowe’s. I had not been to Dallas for some time

and I haven’t raced there since 2004 in the IndyCar

Series, so it was a nice surprise to see that I

still have a lot of fans there and that they continue

to follow my career.


It was a busy four days which started with a media tour and a

media dinner that evening. I did a lot of interviews including

Telemundo, ESPN Deportes radio and Al Dia newspaper,

and it was great to see some old friends in the media.

The radio interviews were a lot of fun and I was really

amazed by how much fan interaction we had

during the broadcasts.


The following day I had the pleasure of presenting

scholarship checks to five local university students on behalf of

the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation. I also had

the opportunity to have dinner with them that evening. I really

enjoyed listening to their experiences and goals for the future

and offering some advice that may help them in their careers. It was very rewarding and very touching for me and I want to

thank Lowe’s for making this experience possible. It speaks volumes for the company and I was honored to be a part of it.




Another highlight for me was participating in the Lowe’s

Build and Grow clinic. This is a free clinic for children and I

helped the kids build wooden race car models. As a happy

and proud parent myself, it was a lot of fun. The clinics

are a great way for parents to spend quality time with

their kids.


I also participated in dinners and presentations with clients of

Lowe’s, recorded radio promos and did some radio remotes at

the stores. It was really a pleasure to help and I

enjoyed working with the managers at the stores and

Todd Davey who put the trip together.


I also had the chance to visit the Dallas Cowboys stadium

where the Super Bowl will take place. It was an incredible

experience that will make watching the game in two week’s

very special.


I think the impact of the week in Dallas was important

for Lowe’s in this market and I was very proud to

participate and do my small part.



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